Hit & Fit and Tow & Tackle

Hit & Fit Bag

The Hit & Fit Bag is simply the most multi-functional piece of football training equipment ever developed.  We believe that it will completely replace the old fashioned, one dimensional tackle bag.  It consists of two half cylinder shaped hit shields that attached together to form a tackle bag, removing the need and expense of buying both.  Placed on the ground, the half cylinder pads can be used as step hurdles for knee lift and acceleration training, or as 'agility bags' for footwork, speed variation, lateral running and plyometrics.  The Rugby Model uses two equal height pads to form a tackle bag and comes in both Junior, Intermediate and Senior sizes.  The AFL model connects one short and one long pad to create a marking bag/tackle bag and comes in  Intermediate and Senior sizes.  Save money and save storage space with this 'all in one' product.

The Tow & Tackle


Bring your tackle dummies to life with this innovative coaching tool.  Players can tackle a moving target from behind, front on and from the side.  Install the two screw eyes and the unit will allow the coach to make the tackle dummy "step".  This Safe Design product develops players timing, technique, agility and decision making.  Junior coaches using The Tow & Tackle have seen immediate improvements in their players tackling.  This revolutionary new product can be used with standard tackle dummies or with the Hit & Fit Bag.  Comes in both Junior and Intermediate models.  This is a "must have" product.